Welcome to the Democratic Party of Westmoreland County!

The Democratic Party is still a broad party that encompasses a wide range of ideas, passions, and opinions. Despite these differences, we do share common ideals -

1. Access to quality and affordable healthcare
2. Tackling the soaring inequality in our society
3. Decent and livable wages
4. Equal opportunity and treatment under the law for all
5. Ensuring our veterans get the benefits they were promised
6. Protecting social security, medicare, medicaid, and bolstering social services to the most at risk in our communities
7. Sustainable economic growth for small businesses as well as large
8. Stronger environmental and safety protections
9. Access to affordable and quality public education, technical and trade school education, and higher education
10. Making our community, our commonwealth, and our country even greater - and we actually mean this!

We may disagree of how to accomplish these goals and on other issues - but these bind us together and starkly differentiate us from the Republicans here and at the national level.

Following our statewide and nationwide successes in 2018, let's keep the momentum going with county and municipal elections in 2019. We have many important county-wide offices up for election this year and hundreds of municipal offices - mayors, school boards, township supervisors, treasurers, and other offices coming up in the 2019 Primary and 2019 General Elections. Want to get involved - run for office and make a difference at the local level! So much is decided by our school boards, city councils, township supervisors, and county offices not in Harrisburg or Washington. Keep up the fight and keep turning Westmoreland Blue! For a list of 2019 races click here.



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