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Run Local, Vote Local –2019 Municipal Elections!

2018 was a great year – we took back the House of Representatives, re-elected Senator Bob Casey and Governor Tom Wolf, elected Lt. Governor John Fetterman, and gained many seats in the Pennsylvania legislature. Our local state house and state senate candidates may have fallen short but they were strong candidates, great Democrats, and integral in our overall effort of holding the Republicans accountable and making them have to work harder than ever. We are so proud of all their hard work and extraordinary fight! Voter turnout for a midterm election was one of the highest recently.


So What About 2019? We cannot lose that momentum. Some say that Westmoreland County is too Republican for Democrats to win. However, right now Democrats actually hold more elected municipal and county offices than Republicans. We need to keep the seats we have and make inroads in those we don’t – this is a critical election year!


All Politics Is Local. While many often focus on the White House, Congress or Harrisburg – many important decisions that affect your daily lives – police and crime, courts and the law, schools, roads, libraries, parks, senior services, property taxes, zoning, economic development, housing, garbage and recycling, business regulation – is done at the county and municipal level. These elections are as important as those for governor, Congress, and president, even if they do not have the profile of statewide and national races.


We Need Great Candidates – just a few years ago many municipal office races actually went uncontested sometimes with no candidates from either party on the ballot! In other cases, races were uncompetitive with four or five people running for four or five positions. Many Democrats and citizens are unaware of which and how many municipal races are up this year. We have not only to make sure we turn out and vote local this year but we better be prepared for more competitive races too. That means we must have a strong slate of candidates in these races.


If You Want To Change Your Community For The Better – Run For Office! Power goes to those that show up. We need to show up in greater numbers because Republicans are definitely going to in 2019. Trends in local elections and last year’s midterm elections suggests that we will have high turnout in 2019. That means there is need for quality candidates in municipal races across the county. For a list of all county races in 2019 click here:


How Do You Run For Office? Most offices require candidates to circulate and turn in petitions signed by registered Democratic voters that reside in the specific municipality of the office being sought. Different offices in different municipalities require different numbers of signatures. Click here for more information:


Important Dates:

Tuesday February 19, 2019 – First day to circulate petitions

Tuesday March 12, 2019 – Last day to circulate petitions, petitions due at Courthouse

Tuesday May 21, 2019 – Primary Election Day!


Please consider running for office and sharing this call for candidates with friends, family members, and others whom you think would make great Democratic candidates. If you have questions, need help, or otherwise need more information – please reach out to us!

JULY 3, 2018

Westmoreland Democratic Committee Members and all Westmoreland Democrats, the Westmoreland County Democratic Party is looking for volunteers to serve on our internal committees. You don't necessarily need to be an elected or appointed committee member to serve - what we really need are dedicated, skilled, and involved Democrats willing to help out in key organizational areas of the county party. The current areas that we need volunteers are in the following committees:


Office and Events Committee - help plan, set-up, and coordinate events such as our annual picnic, fall dinners, conventions, and meetings), manage and schedule volunteers, interns, and office staff, day-to-day administrative assistance in the office. People who are well organized, plan events, know people with trucks or trailers, have access to party supplies, and experience in meeting/event planning are highly encouraged to apply.


Communications Committee - to plan, manage, and operate the many elements of the county party’s communications which include public relations, media relations and press releases, social media, website, e-mails, mailings, organize and maintain a Calendar of Events, provision of talking points to local officials, and all other elements of the profile and communications of the party at the local level. Experience and knowledge of public relations, media affairs, social media and website maintenance and design, and writing/communication skills.


Policy and Outreach Groups - link people with specific passions and expertise in particular areas and have them play a role in assisting the party, local candidates, and voters in understanding issues. This would also include doing outreach events for voters and residents on these issues. The list of current groups includes:
Veterans Affairs
Labor Affairs
Civil Rights
Aging Affairs
Education Policy
Infrastructure & Small Business Affairs


Finance Committee - the responsibilities of the committee are to raise funds for the management of the office, support of candidates and campaigns, and other operations necessary for the operation of the county party. Experience in fundraising and marketing are ideal.


For more information, please e-mail us at and we will be in touch.

June 29, 2018 - Statement from Chair Rachel Shaw regarding recent comments of Mayor of Arnold, Karen Peconi


“The comments from Mayor Peconi are inexcusable and are in no way representative of Democratic values. Americans have the Constitutional right to peaceably assemble. If the mayor does not realize that, she has no business in a position of authority. She has lost the confidence of her constituents and should resign immediately."

June 28, 2018  ANNOUNCEMENT

Westmoreland Democratic Committee Chair Rachel Shaw has appointed Ellyse Williams to be the Chair of the District 1 Committee which encompasses Arnold, New Kensington, Lower Burrell and Upper Burrell. Ellyse Williams was born and raised in Arnold, PA. She is a 2005 graduate from Pitt where she studied Political Science and Marketing and 2012 graduate from Concordia University in Irvine where she got her Master of International Studies. During graduate school, Ellyse moved to Shanghai, China for three years to further her education in East Asian Studies and to gain expertise in Chinese culture. She returned to the US and immediately got involved in her community and attended city council and school board meetings. She ran and won her election in 2015 to the New Kensington-Arnold school board. She is excited to work with the Westmoreland County Democratic Party to get more residents registered to vote and engaged in civics.

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